About Us

The luxurious and traditional history began with Mr Chaggan Raj Vajawat from Rajashtan who hailed to Tanaku embarking his first ever gold shop in the early 40's. He was bestowed with passion and appreciation for fine jewellery that went on to live on as a legacy and stand as a hallmark of the Vajwat family. His strong clientele emerged from Rajamundary, Vijayawada, Tadapalli and Bhimavaram. Sri Ratnaraj unfolds as a curated experience of a rare value jewellery that celebrates the traditions of India. Mr Chaggan's passion led him to discover designs and create a strong goodwill amongst his clientele.

With his research, dedication and in-depth study on this subject resulted in well created jewellery pieces. He moved to Hyderabad and established a store named Sri Ratnaraj there and started presenting to his close circle of friends and family. Amazed by this appreciation and love for his work, he decided to embark on this journey as a formal professional and hence Sri Ratnaraj was established in Hyderabad in 2000.

2012 (USA Chapter)
Mr Ravi Vajawat's vision, when he laid the foundation of Srj Ratnaraj was to produce world class jewellery. Now as Sri Ratnaraj, the legacy built an aesthetic towards opening a store in the US, Columbus, Ohio. Now as Sri Ratnaraj celebrates over half a century in the Jewellery Industry, run by the 4th generation, the value and vision remains the same.